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IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Microsoft's Windows Server operating systems. This is a generic tag. Wherever possible please use a *version-specific* tag, such as [iis-7], [iis-7.5], etc.

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How can I tell what version of IIS is installed?

I've got a box running Win2k3 and some directions from Microsoft KB about SSL certificates, for IIS 5.0 and 6.0. How can I tell which version of IIS is currently installed?
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What should I do to make sure that IIS does not recycle my application?

I have a WCF service app hosted in IIS. On startup, it goes and fetches a really expensive (in terms of time and cpu) resource to use as local cache. Unfortunately, IIS seems to recycle the process ...
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Recommended LogParser queries for IIS monitoring?

As Stack Overflow grows, we're starting to look closely at our IIS logs to identify problem HTTP clients -- things like rogue web spiders, users who have a large page set to refresh every second, ...
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Best way to redirect all HTTP to HTTPS in IIS

We want ALL sites on our webserver (IIS 10) to enforce SSL (ie redirect HTTP to HTTPS). We are currently 'Requiring SSL' on each site and setting up a 403 error handler to perform a 302 redirect to ...
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Can IIS be configure to forward request to another web server?

I have several web site set up on one IIS 6 server distinguished by Host Header. However, I wish to have one of the sites served by a Linux / Apache server on my network. Do I need to use a reverse ...
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What is the difference between iisreset, recycle, refresh and restart?

In IIS7, there are numerous things you can do that seem to restart the website. I am unclear about exactly how they are all related. run iisreset from the command line refresh a website recycle an ...
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Is there any harm in disabling the idle timeout for an application pool?

I'm currently fighting an issue with ASP.Net taking minutes to load a page for the first time. Through playing with settings I've found that disabling "Shutdown worker processes after being idle for (...
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IIS7: can't set host name on site with SSL cert and port 443

Consider a Win 2008 SP2 machine with IIS7. The task is to apply a certificate and host name to the one and only Site on this machine. The site's host headers need to be The first ...
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On IIS, how do I patch the SSL 3.0 POODLE vulnerability (CVE­-2014­-3566)?

How do I patch CVE­-2014­-3566 on a Windows Server 2012 system running IIS? Is there a patch in Windows Update, or do I have to do a registry change to disable SSL 3.0?
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How do I find out the W3SVC number of a given IIS7.5 website?

I have a server running multiple websites under IIS7.5. I want to view the log files for one website in particular. In C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles I see a number of folders, W3SVC1 through 6. How do I ...
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How to remove IIS/ASP.NET Response Headers

I have a couple IIS/6.0 servers that security is asking me to remove a couple of response headers that are sent to client browsers on requests. They are concerned about divulging platform information ...
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How do I stop IIS from starting up when I turn Windows on? [closed]

I do not want IIS to start automatically with Windows. How do I change this? Is there a setting in IIS manager? I have looked around in the menus for one but I couldn't find an option.
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Removing phantom applications from Application Pools in IIS7

I have an application in one of my application pools that has a virtual path of /Site/login.aspx. I want to remove it but it no longer exists on my computer and it's causing me issues setting up ...
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IIS Log Request Body / POST Data

Does anyone know how I could get IIS to log POST data or the entire HTTP request?
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Why use Kerberos instead of NTLM in IIS?

This is something that I've never really been able to answer as well as I like: What is the real advantage of using Kerberos authentication in IIS instead of NTLM? I've seen a lot of people really ...
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Directly editing IIS 7 applicationHost.config configuration file

I know that IIS 7+ uses XML config files instead of the metabase. I also know that if I edit a web.config file for a given site, IIS automagically detects the changes and implements any corresponding ...
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How can you know what is w3wp.exe doing? (or how to diagnose a performance problem)

I'm having a performance problem in a site we've made, and I'm not exactly sure how to start diagnosing it. The short description is: We have a very small site ( with very little ...
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IIS Manager - Connect to Another Server (Win7 to Win2008 server)

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. If I open up IIS Manager, I see a list of "connections" on the left hand side. In previous versions, I would be able to select an option to "connect to another ...
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Where's the management interface for IISExpress?

Is there an interface separate from the regular IIS manager? When I search on IISExpress I find only a link to a folder full of logs related to IISExpress sites that had been spawned by Visual Studio....
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IIS7 What unit does time-taken have in a w3c-log?

I'm trying to analyze some IIS7 logs (W3C format) and am interesting in the time-taken field and its unit. According to Microsoft the unit is milliseconds. The length of time that the action took, ...
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ssl certificates disappear IIS

I'm trying to import a certificate to IIS. Everything is ok on the MMC (Windows Console). I finished the wizards and seems that is all right. But, when I refresh the certificate list or move to other ...
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2 answers

Is IIS SFTP natively supported by Windows?

Does Windows Server 2012 R2 have native SFTP support? I see a role FTP Server but it doesn't say whether this includes SFTP.
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Service WAS was not found on computer '.'

I am using Windows 7 Professional. When I am trying to start DefaultAppPool in IIS 7.0, I am getting error - Service WAS was not found on computer '.'. Is there any changes in setting need to be ...
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Certificate does not have a name

I've installed an SSL certificate in IIS, however the 'Name' column is showing as blank even though I entered a friendly name. Is there any way to fix this?
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500 error on fresh install of IIS and PHP

When attempting to run a PHP file on Windows server 2012 and IIS, I keep getting a 500 error. I cannot find any detailed logs or anything. However, when going to PHP Manager for IIS and click check ...
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How do I restart a single website in IIS7+ using commandline?

How do I restart a single website in IIS7+ using commandline only? Same functionality as the circled menu item in the image - but from the commandline. Iisreset does not have any options to deal with ...
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What is muieblackcat?

I've recently installed ELMAH on a small .NET MVC site and I keep receiving error reports System.Web.HttpException: A public action method 'muieblackcat' was not found on controller... This is ...
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Automatically start SMTP server in IIS?

I'm running an IIS SMTP server in Windows 2008 R2 and it can be started manually. However, if I need to restart the system, I must manually start the SMTP server. Is there a way for it to start ...
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Why does the IIS worker process recycle every 29 hours and not every 24 hours?

When you setup a site on IIS it defaults the worker process to recycle every 1740 minutes (29 hours). Why an odd number like 29 hours and not, for example, 24 or 48 hours?
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Web gardens... are they good or bad or what?

Are there any downsides to giving Application Pools multiple Worker Processes in IIS? They seem really easy to enable and (almost) everything I’ve read seems to suggest they’re good... so why doesn’t ...
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Make IIS see updated environment PATH variable

We've installed Oracle Express on a Windows 2003 Server and in the process it updated the PATH. We're trying to get IIS to see this change in the PATH but we can't figure it out. We've recycled the ...
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What is the IIS7 default keepalive time?

What is the IIS7 default time for HTTP keepAlive?
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Don't see Failed Request Tracing in IIS Manager

In the "Actions" Pane of IIS Manager (InetMgr), under Configure there is supposed to be a link for Failed Request Tracing. I don't see that... I just have "Limits..."?
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IIS/SMTP - emails are stuck in mailroot/Queue

I'm trying to send e-mails via SMTP within the IIS pickup directory. Unfortunately the e-mails are just going into the mailroot/queue folder and stay there. They never actually get sent. Does ...
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Difference Between Private Memory Limit and Virtual Memory Limit in IIS

I want to set the max limit on the physical memory an application can use in IIS 7. Should I set a limit on Private Memory Limit or Virtual Memory Limit? Can some one point me to documentation of all ...
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How do you start/stop IIS 7 app pool from cmd line if there are spaces in the app pool name? The above URL describes how to start/stop an IIS 7 app pool. However, I have spaces in my app pool name. Double-quotes doesn't work. ...
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Recycle remote IIS app pool from the command line?

Is it possible to recycle an IIS7 app pool from the command line, on a different machine? I've found APPCMD (appcmd recycle apppool my-app-pool), but it only operates on the host it's run on, AFAICT. ...
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Import .pem into IIS 7

I was given two .pem files to import. I did not generate these files. Can I import them into IIS 7 or do they have to be converted into another format? I know that IIS likes .pfx - can .pem's be ...
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How to get IIS7 to release a locked file?

During our production builds, a very large (10 megabyte) static content file in the root directory will sometimes be locked by IIS and cannot be deleted by the clean task. This is presumably because ...
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Difference between "Start application pool immediately" and Start Mode AlwaysRunning

In IIS Manager, an application pool has checkbox for "Start application pool immediately" in the basic setting dialog, and an advanced setting called "Start Mode" which can be set to "OnDemand" or "...
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Is it possible to configure the location of "Temporary ASP.NET Files" folder in IIS?

Under IIS7.5 after switching pool identity to domain user I got this error: "The current identity (domain\username) does not have write access to 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\...
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IIS: Content-Length 0 for CSS, Javascript and Images

After a clean re-installation of my Windows 7 system, I can't get IIS 7 to properly deliver any static content. Dynmic content (ASPX pages and content served by ASP.NET MVC controllers) works fine, ...
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2 answers

How to See Detailed 500 Errors?

I have ii8 which I have tried to deploy my web api to. I guess I am doing something wrong as when I try to see if my api is working I am getting a 500 error. However it does not tell me what ...
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IIS 7.5 - Disable Overlapped Recycle property not being obeyed when web.config is updated

I have a site which holds an exclusive lock on some resources. I used the .NET Application_Start and Application_End events to acquire and release the lock on these resources at the appropriate time. ...
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How to resolve FTP Error “Failed to retrieve directory listing” for Administrator account in IIS 7.5

Using my administrator account, I FTP connected to my IIS 7.5 FTP Site with FileZilla. I was able to successfully upload a file, but I keep getting a "Failed to retrieve directory listing" in ...
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How can I keep IIS log files cleaned up regularly?

I just discovered that IIS builds up logs indefinitely and there don't appear to be any IIS settings that will automatically clean out old log files. What is the best way to keep my IIS logs under ...
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How do I setup IIS to rotate logs?

I've used Apache for years and I've taken for granted that it handles log rotation for me. I've been digging through the IIS config and googling, but I can't find an option for IIS to turn on log ...
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How to limit the memory used by an application in IIS?

The IIS worker processes are taking lot of memory on our servers. I want to limit the memory each application can use. I am confused whether I should set a limit on Virtual Memory Limit, or Private ...
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What are the IUSR and IWAM accounts for in IIS?

I'm looking for a good explanation of the IUSR and IWAM accounts used by IIS to help me better configure our hosting environment: Why are they there? What's the difference between them? Do the names ...
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Troubleshooting Windows Authentication problems (no challenge) in IIS 7.5?

I know that there are thousands of reports of people having trouble getting Integrated Windows Authentication to work with IIS, but they all seem to lead to web pages that don't apply or solutions ...
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