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How to set up Nginx as a caching reverse proxy?

I heard recently that Nginx has added caching to its reverse proxy feature. I looked around but couldn't find much info about it. I want to set up Nginx as a caching reverse proxy in front of Apache/...
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SSH from A through B to C, using private key on B [closed]

I'm looking for a simple way to SSH from my local machine, A, through a proxy, B, to a destination host, C. The private key that goes with the public key on C is on B, and I can't put that key on my ...
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Nginx Redirect via Proxy, Rewrite and Preserve URL

In Nginx we have been trying to redirect a URL as follows: -> where the user still sees the original URL in their browser. Once the user is ...
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Apache ProxyPass with SSL

I want to proxy requests from an SSL site via a non-SSL site. My Apache httpd.conf looks like this: <VirtualHost> ServerName ProxyPass / </...
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Nginx location regex doesn't work with proxy pass

I'm trying to get these 2 location directives working in Nginx but I'm getting some errors back when booting Nginx. location ~ ^/smx/(test|production) { proxy_pass http://localhost:8181/...
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How to use nginx to proxy to a host requiring authentication?

How can I setup an nginx proxy_pass directive that will also include HTTP Basic authentication information sent to the proxy host? This is an example of the URL I need to proxy to: http://username:...
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Can I create SSH to tunnel HTTP through server like it was proxy?

Say I have a server and client. I need to create connection from client to a website through server like it was proxy. Is it possible to do this using a SSH tunel, or do I have to install some proxy ...
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Is there a cloud-based reverse proxy solution in AWS? [closed]

The system I have an API deployed on EC2 machines on AWS. Incoming HTTPS requests are passed to an elastic load balancer. The load balancer handles the SSL, and passes the request to an Nginx server, ...
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Configuring Apache2 to proxy WebSocket?

The WebSocket protocol is an extension of the HTTP protocol. However, the proxy module of Apache2 does not seem to know about it, and throws away crucial headers, converting the call to a standard ...
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windows 10 ssh proxycommand: "posix_spawn: No such file or directory"

I use Windows10 and I need to use a jumphost to get to my Linux servers. Thus I have configured my .ssh\config like so: Host jumphost HostName jumphost.server.local Host server*.server.local ...
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Proxy Pass not working

I am attempting to get ProxyPass to work on my OpenSUSE 13.1 install. I have tried: a2enmod proxy a2enmod proxy_http a2enmod proxy_connect systemctl restart apache2 systemctl reload apache2 (All ...
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How to reverse proxy to different places depending on subdomain in Nginx?

I have multiple subdomains, all pointing to one machine, and one IP address. On this machine, I want to have nginx acting as a reverse proxy, and depending on which subdomain was used to access the ...
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How to duplicate TCP traffic to one or multiple remote servers for benchmarking purposes?

Infrastructure: Servers in Datacenter, OS - Debian Squeeze, Webserver - Apache 2.2.16 Situation: The live server is in use by our cusotmers every day, which makes it impossible to test adjustments ...
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Apache VirtualHost with mod-proxy and SSL

I am trying to set up a server with multiple web applications which will all be served through apache VirtualHost (apache running on the same server). My main constraint is that each web application ...
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Nginx proxy_read_timeout vs. proxy_connect_timeout

I've started using Nginx as a reverse proxy for a set of servers that provide some sort of service. The service can be rather slow at times (its running on Java and the JVM sometimes gets stuck in "...
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How DNS lookups work when using an HTTP proxy (or not) in IE

I recently participated in a discussion regarding what happens when a client requests a page from a proxy server. I just wanted to make sure that my understanding of this sequence of events was ...
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Nginx proxy by Request Method

Is it possible/how can I configure an Nginx location block to proxy to different backends depending on the request method (ie. GET/POST)? The reason is, I am currently handling the 2 methods at 2 ...
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What effect does https traffic have on web cache proxy servers?

I just took two university courses on computer security and internet programming. I was thinking about this the other day: Web cache proxy servers cache popular content from servers on the web. This ...
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How do I configure proxy settings for LOCAL SYSTEM?

If I edit Proxy Settings through the Control Panel, the settings are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ProxyEnable and ...\ProxyServer. These ...
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Why does sub_filter seem to not work when used in conjunction with proxy_pass?

Given the following configuration of nginx: server { listen 80; server_name apilocal; sub_filter "apiupstream/api" "apilocal"; sub_filter_once off; location /people/ { ...
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Apache Proxy TimeOut

I am trying to understand what is happening with the following message in our Apache 2.2 error_log: Wed May 18 21:03:29 2011] [error] [client] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: ...
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Why am I getting an "Invalid command 'ProxyPass'" error when I start my Apache 2.2 server?

I'm having trouble getting Proxying working in Apache 2.2 When I try to start it, I get an Invalid command 'ProxyPass' error. that would be indicative of proxy_http_module not being loaded. However ...
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Nginx proxy to back-end with SSL client certificate authentication

I have two servers, both have nginx. Server A is listening to 443 and is configured to authenticate with a Client SSL certificate. Server B has an internal process that needs to communicate to Server ...
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Proxy exceptions when using $http_proxy env var? [closed]

In a typical browser, when we set a proxy server, we can define a list of hostnames/IP addresses that are not to use the proxy server. How do we accomplish the same thing when using $http_proxy? I ...
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How can I disable encryption on openssh?

I'm having performance problems using openssh (server) and putty (client) combination to use a remote webproxy. I'd like to disable encryption and test the results to see if it makes a difference. How ...
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Can any of the popular IM networks work like this?

Joe, Jack and Jill use IM as a communication medium among themselves in Company A, where they work, and with customers and partners around the world. No goofing off here -- it's a legitimate work tool....
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Relationship between bastion host and jump host

What's are the differences/similarities between a "bastion host" and a "jump host"? Are they usually used interchangeably?
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How to inject HTML code into every delivered HTML page?

I've got an Apache web server that delivers static HTML pages. For some reason I can't change the files themselves, but I still want to inject some HTML into every page that is being served. Is this ...
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How can I set proxy for subversion with ssh tunnel?

I want to check out/update the code via proxy since my local connection is slow. I setup ssh tunnel : ssh -D 8090 [email protected] to forward all the packets to my localhost:8090. How can I set up ...
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using trailing slashes in nginx configuration

location /product { proxy_pass; } if I use my first location description for product folder, I should use and I can not use http://...
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Difference beetween DNAT and REDIRECT in IPTABLES

Okay, it may be because I am dense or maybe just not finding the right source, but I can't understand why one of these IPTABLES setups would be better than the other. Here is my setup: I have a box ...
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Redirect a subpath to a external host with Nginx

I need to create a quite simple map in Nginx redirecting a subpath to another server that is located in the same subnet. Nginx server: Tomcat server: I tried to put this ...
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Easy TCP proxy on Windows? [closed]

What I want is to configure a computer in home with Windows and use it as a TCP proxy for connect and route packets from the 80 to port 23 in another server in the Internet
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how to make squid work like proxy only, without caching anything [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to prevent squid from caching and just filter? I want to make squid work purely as a proxy, so that it does not cache anything. Is such a usage of squid possible? How do ...
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How to use Nginx as a HTTP/HTTPS proxy server? [closed]

Is it possible to use Nginx as a HTTP/HTTPS proxy?
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nginx proxy retry while backend is restarting

Nginx returns 502 while the backend is restarting. How can I make nginx proxy retry N times with M seconds delay? Is there a plugin or something else?
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Will a reverse proxy in front of web server improve security?

Third-party security professional is recommending we run a reverse proxy in front of the web server (all hosted in the DMZ) as a best practice security measure. I know this is a typical recommended ...
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Is there any way to cache HTTPS requests in a proxy server?

We are using Squid proxy server in our environment and we want to cache HTTPS requests. Is there any way to configure Squid or in general a proxy server to cache HTTPS requests?
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Remote Desktop over SSH SOCKS proxy to bypass firewall [closed]

I'm trying to connect to a Windows server from my Mac using RDC2.1 for Mac. The problem is the server I need to connect to is guarded by the evil dragon - IP-based access control on a completely ...
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SSH over HTTPS with proxytunnel and nginx

I'm trying to setup an ssh over https connection using nginx. I haven't found any working examples, so any help would be appreciated! ~$ cat .ssh/config Host Hostname ...
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2 answers

Nginx not caching data

I have a REST API behind an nginx proxy. Proxying works fine, however I am unable to cache any responses. Any help would be much appreciated: Nginx config: worker_processes 10; error_log logs/...
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How to divert traffic based on hostname using HAProxy?

I've had some initial success with HAProxy setting up a bunch of app servers listening on various other ports. I now have another webserver listening on one port, and i'd like to what changes to make ...
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Best practice for proxying package repositories

I have a collection of CentOS servers in my corporate network. For security reasons, most servers do not have general outbound internet access unless it is a core functional requirement for the server....
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How to prevent squid from caching and just filter?

I have set a proxy server on my network. I only want to filter the web traffic. So, I have Squid as a proxy and Qlproxy as the filter : My server have only ...
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Is it possible to replace content on every page passed through a proxy similar to how mod_rewrite is used for URLs?

Is it possible to replace content on every page passed through a proxy similar to how mod_rewrite is used for URLs? The documentation on substitute is not clear. I have some pages I am reverse ...
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Can I disable interactive shell access while tunneling web traffic through SSH?

I am looking into implementing SSH tunneling as a cheap VPN solution for outside users to access Intranet-only facing web applications. I currently am using Ubuntu Server 10.04.1 64 bit with OpenSSH ...
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Proxy with netcat forever

I am proxying a VNC TCP server port with netcat. The proxy machine runs linux. This is the comand I use: mkfifo backpipe nc -l 5902 0<backpipe | nc 5902 1>backpipe is ...
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How can I download an executable file inside the company network when it's been locked down?

This might seem like a silly (or nefarious) question at first glance, but allow me to elaborate... We have implemented all sorts of measures on the company network and proxy to prevent the download ...
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SSH through multiple hosts using ProxyCommand?

I have an entry in ~/.ssh/config on my computer at home that look like this: host foo bar ProxyCommand ssh -x -a -q nc %h 22 where is a server at work ...
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can't get mod_proxy to correctly forward encoded slash (/) characters (%2f)

I have a virtual host set up to redirect ntung-gitblit.localhost --> myserver:1279. However, it's not working with forward encoded slashes (%2f). The URL I'm trying to access is, http://ntung-gitblit....
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